With so much emphasis on taking a proactive approach to aging, it can be confusing to figure out which procedures are appropriate to do at what age. Here’s a good basic plan, however there are always exceptions to the rule. Here is our Skin Care Plan for people in their 30’s through 60’s and beyond to use as your Anti-Aging Resource.

In your 30s:

ReDerm MD Medical Spa Skin Care Plan for people in their 30's

By now, you should probably be getting small doses of Botox injected in the crow’s-feet area and between the eyebrows, which will help slow the aging process by minimizing muscle activity in the area. As well have a well established simple skincare regime, like A broad-spectrum sunscreen and antioxidant therapy in the day, and a cellular turnover increasing product at night to complement monthly facials.

Patient secrets:  “Dr. Fante does my Botox (crow’s-feet, between the eyebrows and forehead), and injects my lips with Juvederm.  I feel so confident having Dr. Fante do my injectables because he is an eye and face specialist, a girls dream.  I specifically get Botox between my eyebrows because my lines are so deep that my kids think I am upset all the time if I don’t, ha!  (So long angry face)  A girlfriend of mine could not believe that I get my lips done because she said they look so natural, which is the goal. I just look refreshed all the time, and yes… I still have plenty of facial expression (face does not look “frozen” and nothing like the stereotype hollywood fake look).  I also use ReDerm’s deadly weapon product called Advanced ReVolumizing Concentrate.  It’s expensive ($300) but worth every penny!  I am a mother and a working professional so my lifestyle is very busy.  Any time I wake up looking like I did not get enough sleep, I put this product on and ta-da… instant plumping and goodbye dreaded tired look.  This product is seriously my genie in a bottle; it’s magic!” -Fante & ReDerm patient, age 33

In your 40s, start fillers.

ReDerm MD Medical Spa Skin Care Plan for people in their 40's

As collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and fat are lost, thin skin and hollowness set in. This is the time to start using hyaluronic acid fillers; they lift the skin, fill deep grooves and thwart lines and creases from forming. As well as continuing a broad-spectrum sunscreen, hyaluronic acid can be effective topically as well as injected. A more aggressive approach like Retin-A can be used at night in addition to adding a more aggressive chemical approach to your monthly facial.

Patient secrets:  “Sun protection is something I am always conscious of to help prevent more wrinkles and sun spots, I use the Fante product, UV Protect + during the day and their Retinol at night to help with cell turnover.  I also really really love their Pure Peptide, it’s very hydrating and I swear it helps with tone and texture.  I see Dr. Fante for fillers and BOTOX.  One of my must-haves is the Restylane filler that I use under my eyes to reduce the tired “hallow” look.  I get this done every 9 months or so.  One of the best things I did was having CoolSculpting done to my upper and lower abdomen.  Even with working out regularly and eating healthy, as I have aged my metabolism has slowed down and I just couldn’t get rid of that stubborn fat.  Now that I’ve had CoolSculpting done I feel much more confident in the way that I look and feel.  I went to ReDerm MD Medical Spa to have this treatment done because they are a certified CoolSculpting practice which made me feel more confident and I knew I would get the best care.”  -Fante & ReDerm patient, age 41

In your 50s, consider surgery.

ReDerm MD Medical Spa Skin Care Plan for people in their 50's

Loose, saggy skin becomes problematic at this point. If you can get away with a noninvasive procedure to tighten up the lower part of your face, it may buy you a little more time before there is a need for surgery. Radio frequency skin tightening and laser peels can complement your monthly maintenance visits.

Patient secrets:  “I am blessed with good genes but I do get a dermaplane every 4-6 weeks.  I love Latisse because as I’ve gotten older my eyelashes and eyebrows have slowly faded, so I use Latisse on both (cannot live without this!).  I get Botox around my mouth to keep my smile up; otherwise, I have “sad clown face.”  I recently used a dermal filler around my mouth for my “parenthesis” and love it so my lines are not so deep.  I use another filler for my cheeks, this gives me the volume that I have lost with aging.  My cheeks make me feel more youthful.  Now I feel like my inside matches my outside, so thankful for Dr. Fante and ReDerm MD Medical Spa.”  -Fante & ReDerm patient, age 50

In your 60s and beyond, maintain your results.

ReDerm MD Medical Spa Skin Care Plan for people in their 60's

If you’ve already had a facelift, maintenance treatments like injectables, fillers and lasers will help prolong the results. If jowls and loose skin are evident, and haven’t been previously addressed, now is the time to correct them with surgery. At this point in life monthly visits with your aesthetician and pharmaceutical grade skin care products should not be foreign to your plan!