There’s no doubt that the healthiest ways to lose weight are diet and exercise. But these aren’t really “body shaping.” Exercise tapes with titles like “No More Butter Buns” will tell you that you can work the fat out of particular areas, but you shouldn’t believe it. When you lose weight through diet and exercise, your body determines where to remove the fat from based on its own genetic programming. If you’re lucky enough that your body removes fat where you want it gone and keeps it where you want it to stay, great. If not, tough.

But there are some healthy alternatives for body shaping that can be used if you achieve a weight you’re happy with but still don’t have the figure you want.

The Healthy Ways to Shape Your Figure

Modern technology has allowed us to understand a lot about the ways that fat cells are different from other cells in the body. This allows us to target them preferentially without damaging other tissues in the body, such as muscles, nerves, connective tissue, and skin.

There are many techniques that promise to do this using heat, lasers, or even radio waves. The effectiveness of this varies, but there is always a risk of thermal injury (burns) to the skin with these techniques.

The technique that we think is safest is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting targets fat cells’ natural sensitivity to cold to eliminate fat tissue. This is safer because cooling is able to happen slower than heating, reducing the risk of damage to other tissues, such as skin. And most of our tissues are very resilient against cold.

Unhealthy Ways to Shape Your Figure

There are also some unhealthy ways to shape your figure available.

Liposuction: Liposuction isn’t necessarily unhealthy in the long run. Once you recover from the procedure, you should be fine—if you don’t have any complications from this highly invasive procedure.

But in the short term, liposuction causes serious injury to your body. The body has been cut, torn, and bruised. And that’s if everything goes well. The procedure also has serious risks, such as major tissue death in the treated area and even death due to displaced fat tissue getting in your circulation and clogging blood vessels in your heart and brain. These complications are rare, but they are real.

Mesotherapy: This procedure is so unhealthy that it’s never been approved for use in the US. In this procedure, compounds are injected into your fat to kill it. But there’s never been enough evidence that the procedure just kills fat to convince regulators to allow it. Doctors do it by making their own custom formulations using drugs approved for other purposes and then inject that cocktail into your fat. Doctors are legally allowed to do this if they think it’s safe in their professional judgment, but you should definitely be wary.

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