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At ReDerm MD we offer facial peels to help rejuvenate your skin in as little as 20 minutes! A peel will:

  • Remove dead skin
  • Stimulate new cell growth
  • Help you look younger

A full peel occurs over six to eight sessions, each lasting approximately 15-20 minutes. By the time the series of sessions is complete, your old, dead skin is completely replaced with fresh, soft, clean skin, minus many of the wrinkles and blemishes that were there when you first walked into the reception room.

Prior to treatment, you may be prescribed a regimen of skin cleanser such as Retin-A, Renova, or glycolic acid to prepare the skin for the peel. You may need to stop taking certain medications. Smoking is always out of the question prior to cosmetic skin treatment.

How a peel works

A peel stimulates the skin to renew itself. A slightly caustic solution is applied to the skin, which causes a burn like a sunburn. With a mild peel, it’s a mild burn which removes the surface layer of skin cells. These are dead anyway, having finished their life cycle and risen to the surface to be sloughed off. Without the peel, they might linger on the surface, giving your skin a rough look and feel. The mild peel removes them thoroughly, to reveal fresh, smooth skin underneath.

A stronger peel causes a stronger burn, making the skin pink or red, and even blistered with the strongest peels. Stronger peels remove skin cells deeper into the skin layers, and stimulate the skin to replace them with fresh new cells. This helps remove surface defects like discoloration, shallow scars, and small wrinkles. This new layer is more sensitive to the sun, so be sure to wear sunblock and a hat.

The milder peels make excellent lunchtime cosmetic procedures, as you can apply a little make-up and go back to work. The strongest ones require some recovery time while the skin flakes off as in a sunburn, and the redness fades.

How Do I Decide Which Particular Peel is Most Beneficial for Me?

Your licensed Paramedical Aesthetician at ReDerm MD Medical Spa will help you determine which peel will achieve the best results based on the characteristics of your skin. During your consultation, your provider will assess your skin type and ask you about your medical history as well as your goals and treatment preferences. The shade of your skin is a relevant factor in planning the most suitable treatment. If your skin is darker, you may be a better candidate for a light chemical peel rather than a stronger treatment. Our facility is equipped with a wide variety of skin rejuvenating treatments. If necessary, your aesthetician can help you explore alternatives to a chemical peel that may acheive comparable or even better results.

Is SkinMedica FDA -Approved?

SkinMedica is a line of products developed through years of research. Each is formulated to deliver maximum results in the correction of a variety of cosmetic and dermatologic concerns. They are designed to adhere to the FDA's definition of a cosmetic product, meaning that they are used to improve the appearance of the skin, not to treat clinical conditions. That said, SkinMedica is a reputable brand of skincare products and chemical peels. It has a proven record of success in achieving consistent results for a variety of skin types and tones.  We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our chemical peel treatments at (720) 550-6476!

How Does the Illuminize Peel Work?

The Illuminize peel is formulated to enhance the vibrancy of the skin without any downtime. This superficial treatment is appropriate for all skin types. It works by gently accelerating the speed of cellular turnover through controlled sloughing. A lighter chemical peel, Illuminize treatment takes less than an hour. There is little chance that side effects like redness or discoloration will occur. However, because they can, you may want to schedule your Illuminize peel at a time when you can go home after your appointment.

What Will My Skin Feel Like During and After My Vitalize Peel?

The Vitalize peel by SkinMedica is one of the most popular treatments for more dramatic tissue rejuvenation. The process is performed in less than half an hour, during which you might feel temporary tingling as each layer of the peel is applied to your skin. The sensation is not painful and does not require numbing for you to remain comfortable. The final layer of solution is applied to neutralize the acids in the peel, after which your skin may continue to feel tingly for a short time. You may also look mildly puffy and flushed. These minor side effects usually resolve within a short time.  As old cells slough off to reveal healthy new cells, your skin may feel slightly tight or itchy. Your post-treatment care instructions can guide you through your healing process.

What Makes the SkinMedica Vitalize Peels Helpful in the Management of Acne?

The Vitalize peel includes active ingredients, one of which is salicylic acid. This particular acid has been commonly used for many years in various acne treatments as a comedolytic agent. Salicylic acid is lipid-soluble, which means it can permeate the sebum on the skin efficiently. The acid is also an anti-inflammatory substance. The peel also has retinoic acid, which discourages the overproduction of sebum and the cohesion of rapidly shedding skin cells in the pores. This peel helps to unblock clogged pores and prevent new papules from forming.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Rejuvenize Peel™?

The Rejuvenize peel can correct moderate to severe imperfections that stem from UV exposure and aging. This peel may be ideal for you if you would like to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve your skin tone and texture. This peel is also used to address pigment problems and scarring. Depending on your skin tone and previous experience with chemical peels, your aesthetician may recommend a lighter peel, such as the Vitalize peel, first to establish your tolerance for this treatment.

Peels of Different Strengths

1. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peels

  • Reduce fine facial wrinkles
  • Aid in acne control
  • Smooth rough, dry skin
  • Lessen uneven pigmentation

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) peels treat the same symptoms, but seem to be less austic than AHA. In some cases, BHA may treat acne better than AHA by penetrating more deeply into the pores of the skin.

2. Trichloroacetic acid peels
TCA is more potent than either AHA or BHA and is used to treat more difficult skin conditions, including:

  • Skin pigmentation problems
  • Superficial blemishes

It is preferred over phenol for dark skinned patients

3. Phenol peel
This is the strongest peel available, meaning that it works more deeply in the skin. It is sometimes done with anesthesia, and therefore may not be considered a lunchtime peel because of the increased depth of treatment. The phenol peel is used to correct:

  • Blotches due to overexposure to the sun
  • Age spots
  • Deep wrinkles

During your lunchtime peel, you typically require no anesthesia. While there may be some initial discomfort during the procedure, it usually abates quickly. Pain similar to that of a sunburn may persist.

Cold compresses may be applied after the procedure, depending on how much skin is treated and how deeply the peel penetrates. After the peel, use a sunblock to protect the fragile new skin layer, and if possible stay out of the sun altogether.

Deep wrinkles, sagging, and bags under the eyes may not be treatable with a chemical peel. Other procedures, such as Botox® injections, collagen injections, laser resurfacing, or even a facelift may be required to obtain your desired appearance.

Research is always ongoing with cosmetic surgery and cosmetic non-surgical procedures. New products and technology are continually being developed so that, regardless of what skin type you have or what age you are, there are effective treatments to help you regain your youthful appearance. The ReDerm MD Medical Spa is a good example of a place to learn about and receive the best tested new techniques.

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"The office is absolutely beautiful and the staff is so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I look forward to visiting Catherine Highland each time I schedule a visit. I have tried several of their services including CoolSculpting, Eyebrow Wax & Dye, Microneedling, and soon to by Kybella ! They have it all! Since my last review I have continued to visit Catherine Highland and we did a full body morpheus8 treatment with three passes. I am now 40 years old and my skin looks fantastic! We also have done more BBL light laser treatments and they are hands down one of my favorite for getting rid of dark spots and rosacea."

- Anonymous

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“I SO appreciate the staff at ReDerm MD Medical Spa…these ladies are warm, welcoming, experienced and knowledgeable. It’s really important to me to feel comfortable and welcome when receiving facial treatments (most recently the Silk laser - thumbs up!), and this team of aestheticians knocks it out of the park! There’s also an excellent variety of treatments you can get from a standard facial to PRP microneedling to Coolsculpting and way more…”

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