Acupuncture has existed for over 2000 years and has been the subject of much debate over the years. It originated in China, but its popularity has spread all over the world, and millions of people undergo acupuncture for a number of health benefits. It’s becoming very popular right here in the United States and for good reason. It relieves pain and inflammation in a safe, pain-free way and is an affordable procedure that does not take a lot of time.

When properly performed by highly skilled medical professionals like the ones at the ReDerm Medical Spa, the benefits of acupuncture are numerous. If you have always been skeptical about acupuncture, please read on to learn more about this ancient practice that has become hugely popular in recent years. By visiting our medical spa in Denver, you will learn everything you need to know about this procedure that’s been providing pain relief to millions of people each year.

Acupuncture: Procedure, Benefits and Side Effects

Let’s first take a look at what acupuncture is used for and how it helps people who suffer from chronic pain and other medical problems. Acupuncture stimulates the body into producing our own natural pain relievers called “endorphins.” Endorphins are natural hormones that promote healing and provide relief from pain. Acupuncture stimulates the nerve fibers in the body that transmit pain signals to our brain. With acupuncture, those signals are blocked from ever reaching the brain, which, in medical terms, is known as “the pain gate theory.”

Upon receiving acupuncture, you will feel relaxed and less stressed, thereby helping to reduce your pain. Acupuncture also stimulates cortisone production; cortisone is proven to reduce inflammation. By reducing pain and inflammation, patients often feel relief upon receiving only a few sessions of acupuncture.

I’m Scared of Needles!

Extremely fine stainless steel needles are inserted into the body at pressure points deemed to be the places ideal to help relieve pain and inflammation (and you feel no pain!). The needles stay in place for 20-30 minutes, and sometimes the needles will be gently “flicked” or turned while they’re in your body to further stimulate their action. The procedure is painless, which many people find hard to believe due to the fact that several needles are inserted into your skin.

Side Effects

The side effects of acupuncture are minimal and may include any or all of the following:

  • A warm, relaxing sensation at the needle sites
  • Slight reddening at the needle sites
  • A feeling of tiredness after the session
  • On rare occasions, people feel a bit dizzy after their session, but the dizziness subsides quickly for most

Number of Sessions and Who Benefits

The number of acupuncture sessions necessary to feel relief varies for each patient, but many people feel better after just a few sessions. People with arthritis, rheumatic conditions, migraines, back/neck pain, sciatica, joint pain and sports injuries often benefit greatly from acupuncture. Even people who have suffered strokes and have multiple sclerosis have responded well to acupuncture sessions.

After the team at ReDerm Medical Spa takes a thorough medical history, and a consultation occurs, options for treatment will be discussed. While acupuncture is not for everyone, a great number of people swear by it. It’s a safe, effective way to relieve pain and does not carry the risks that surgery and taking pain medications over a long period of time often present.

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