Most people have areas of their bodies they’d like to improve—maybe a little less weight around the mid-section, a little more hair on top of the head, a few more muscles in the pectoral region, and a little less shimmy in the rear when we walk. One of the most fun things about life is that we’re all so different in so many ways, but what if you could make some minor improvements without undergoing pain or stress? What if you could take some extra weight off in certain parts of the body without missing work or feeling sick in any way?

There are ways to lose the fat that causes love handles, muffin tops and all those other “pleasant” names we have given to unwanted, excess fat. Coolsculpting in Denver is just one non-invasive surgical remedy people are discovering really does work to remove minor accumulations of excess fat. And the best part? The whole procedure only takes an hour, and you will feel completely fine shortly after the procedure ends. Learn more about Coosculpting by reading more and please contact ReDerm MD Medical Spa in Denver if you have any questions.

Lose Those Love Handles!

In addition to exercising regularly and getting plenty of that cardiovascular workout in several times a week, there are four ways to help reduce those love handles, and they’re all quite simple really.

Don’t skip breakfast. Even when you feel rushed and must get somewhere, it’s super important to eat a healthy breakfast. The best way to ensure you have a good breakfast is to make it easy to prepare, and many people find that preparing it the night before is the best way to make sure there’s time for breakfast. Simply slice some fruit and keep some yogurt and granola on hand for a super, energy-charged first meal-of-the-day!

Eat healthier meals. Easier said than done, right? Make an effort to research the healthiest foods out there and put them on your next grocery list. Avoid processed foods and drive-thru’s at all costs!

Avoid alcohol. Learn to say “no” to that mid-evening cocktail, and you may see some weight come off rather quickly. Not only is alcohol filled with empty calories from sugar, drinking alcohol kicks fat storage into high gear.

Eat regularly throughout the day. It’s recommended that we eat several small meals rather than one or two big meals during a 24-hour period. If you work long hours, you’ll have to make the effort to make sure there are plenty of food choices for you at work. If you’re a busy parent on-the-go, pack yourself some snacks and small meals while you pack up the kids’ stuff for the day!